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Do you dream of leaving your worries behind? Getting away from it all can do wonders for your mental health. Whatever you're missing from your world adventures, you're guaranteed a positive boost by listening to this show.

Join Lizzie and Colin every episode, as they chat to inspirational people who will share their stories and insights on the benefits of travel on our wellbeing.

Feb 8, 2021

We're all about improving your mental health on this show, so we're delighted to bring back our first ever guest.

Rannveig Snorradottir from Obeo Travel told us all about Iceland during episode one.

Now, she's back to tell us about a far warmer travel destination - Namibia.

During this chat you'll learn all about the...

Jan 29, 2021

This episode is about Lizzie's spiritual home - Santa Barbara.

It may not be the first place people think about when it comes to Californian destinations, but it definitely shouldn't be the last either.

We're all about boosting mental wealth on this show, and this destination has previously had a profound positive...

Jan 22, 2021

We've spent a lot of time talking to travel industry experts about the various locations we love to send our customers off to, in order to inspire.

This time, we decided to get a customer to inspire us

Amy has booked a number of travel trips with us and she's touched us by sharing with us the video footage of her...

Jan 15, 2021

This is quite possibly one of the most important episodes the "Mind. Body. Travel" team have ever put together. 

If you only listen to one episode of our show, make sure it's this one. You will get a huge benefit to your mental health by turning your ears to the wisdom of Mike Finnigan from i2i.

The company slogan says...

Jan 8, 2021

What an incredible year it's been for the Mind. Body. Travel. team.

Before we dive head first into this year's fantastic guests, we wanted to put into practice what we preach.

Take a moment, reflect, and enjoy the moment.

We decided to revisit our previous episodes.

You'll hear Ranveigg from Obeo Travel telling us all...