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Do you dream of leaving your worries behind? Getting away from it all can do wonders for your mental health. Whatever you're missing from your world adventures, you're guaranteed a positive boost by listening to this show.

Join Lizzie and Colin every episode, as they chat to inspirational people who will share their stories and insights on the benefits of travel on our wellbeing.

Nov 19, 2020

Colin and Lizzie are joined by Kate Mackay, the author of Take It All On Board, a self-help book.

In it, Kate uses her journey learning to snowboard to help readers become comfortable with discomfort, and approach life with confidence. She also runs her very popular blog mummysnowboarder, which is the only UK blog to focus on snowboarding for women and families.

During this chat, you'll hear her talk about:

  • Why she started snowboarding in the first place.
  • How surfers and skateboarders can easily swap the spray and streets for the snow.
  • The many benefits of snowboarding for mental health.
  • Why age shouldn't hold you back from taking up the challenge of snowboarding.
  • Why you need to get on Google maps and find an indoor snow slope (not a dry one!)
  • Her suggested and personal favourite snowboarding spots.

Kate Mackay - snowboarding mummyIn her nine-to-five, Kate is an NHS management consultant who applies her experience to help create lasting positive change within systems and people.

Kate also spreads the positivity outside of the NHS, using her skills as a certified professional and performance coach, helping private clients to achieve more than they thought possible.

In this chat, she also offers Lizzie and Colin some valuable insights regarding her work in this field, with thoughts on:

  • Social media and its impacts on people and well-being.
  • The many benefits of world travel on mental health. 


Kate's book:

Kate's website:

Twitter: @mmysnowboarder


Kate Mackay - snowboarding mummy - Austria